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Latest Injuries
23/03 00:23 Vinícius Lima
Grêmio, Back in training
23/03 00:23 Leonardo da Silva Moura
Grêmio, Day to day
23/03 00:20 Pedro Tonon Geromel
Grêmio, Unknown
23/03 00:19 Mario Sergio Santos Costa Marinho
Grêmio, Unknown
23/03 00:11 Kevin
Goiás, Unknown
23/03 00:07 Madson
Fortaleza, Unknown
23/03 00:07 Bruno Melo
Fortaleza, Mid May 2019
23/03 00:06 Tinga
Fortaleza, Late March 2019
23/03 00:06 Gabriel Dias
Fortaleza, Unknown
22/03 23:59 Rodrigo Junior Paula Silva Digao
Fluminense, Unknown
Latest transfers
22/03 23:46 Gerson
CSA (new contract)
22/03 17:11 Scott Pittman
Livingston (new contract)
22/03 17:10 Keaghan Jacobs
Livingston (new contract)
22/03 16:43 Julian Faye Lund
Rosenborg ➨ Mjøndalen
22/03 14:36 Jesus Datolo
Banfield (new contract)
22/03 11:29 Harry Wright
Ipswich ➨ Chelmsford City
22/03 11:19 Max Bird
Derby County (new contract)
22/03 06:55 Miguel Castroman
Young Boys ➨ Thun (from 01/07)
22/03 03:07 Rico Benatelli
Dynamo Dresden ➨ St. Pauli (from 01/07)
22/03 01:08 Nene
Moreirense (new contract)

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07/03 04:37
Boca Juniors
River Plate
02/03 14:40
Queen of the South

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