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Latest Injuries
17/02 10:49 Julian Schieber
Augsburg, Unknown
17/02 10:49 Raphael Framberger
Augsburg, Out for season
17/02 10:47 Kilian Jakob
Augsburg, Unknown
17/02 10:47 Felix Schwarzholz
Augsburg, Unknown
17/02 10:46 Andreas Luthe
Augsburg, Unknown
17/02 10:46 Andre Hahn
Augsburg, Unknown
17/02 10:46 Facundo Monteseirín
Lanús, Unknown
17/02 10:46 Gonzalo Di Renzo
Lanús, Unknown
17/02 10:46 Jose Gomez
Lanús, Mid March 2019
17/02 10:45 Guillermo Sara
Lanús, Day to day
Latest transfers
17/02 04:07 Robbie Gotts
Leeds (new contract)
16/02 13:47 Wilhelm Loeper
Arameiska / Syrianska ➨ AFC United
16/02 09:43 Luke Woolfenden
Ipswich (new contract)
16/02 08:42 Jose Angel Jurado
Bodø/Glimt (new contract)
16/02 08:40 Jose Angel Jurado
Bodø/Glimt ➨ Sheriff
16/02 05:54 Jan Gyamerah
Bochum ➨ Hamburger SV (from 01/07)
16/02 05:22 Tobias Strobl
Borussia Mönchengladbach (new contract)
16/02 04:41 Leopold Zingerle
Paderborn (new contract)
16/02 02:44 Efe Ambrose
Free agent ➨ Derby County

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