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Latest Injuries
22/07 19:00 Gustav Klitgaard Dahl
Silkeborg, Unknown
22/07 19:00 Magnus Mattsson
Denmark U19, Unknown
22/07 18:57 Sebastian Jørgensen
Silkeborg, Early September 2019
22/07 18:57 Anders Hagelskjaer
Silkeborg, Unknown
22/07 18:48 Janik Haberer
Germany U21, A few weeks
22/07 18:41 Rezan Corlu
Lyngby, Unknown
22/07 18:41 Gustav Harlev
Lyngby, Day to day
22/07 18:32 Alexander Baun
Hobro, Unknown
22/07 18:28 Mads Hvilsom
Hobro, Unknown
22/07 18:28 Martin Mikkelsen
Hobro, Unknown
Latest transfers
22/07 18:49 Nabil Fekir
Olympique Lyon ➨ Real Betis
22/07 18:16 Darko Brasanac
Real Betis ➨ Osasuna
22/07 17:12 Dillon Barnes
Colchester ➨ QPR
22/07 15:41 Daniel Iversen
Leicester ➨ Rotherham
22/07 15:38 Charlie Adam
Stoke ➨ Reading
22/07 15:12 Marco Sau
Sampdoria ➨ Benevento
22/07 15:02 Jizz Hornkamp
Heerenveen ➨ Den Bosch
22/07 14:43 Giles Phillips
QPR ➨ Wycombe Wanderers
22/07 14:16 Giuseppe Cuomo
Crotone (new contract)

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