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Latest transfer rumours
24/09 15:49 Harold Moukoudi
Le Havre ➨ Arsenal
24/09 15:49 Harold Moukoudi
Le Havre ➨ RB Leipzig
24/09 07:06 Alphonse Areola
PSG ➨ Crystal Palace
24/09 07:06 Alphonse Areola
PSG ➨ Newcastle United
23/09 10:44 Sergi Roberto
Barcelona ➨ Arsenal
23/09 10:01 Andre Gomes
Barcelona ➨ Monaco
23/09 09:39 Leon Goretzka
Schalke 04 ➨ Barcelona
22/09 10:36 Kieran Tierney
Celtic ➨ Manchester United
22/09 09:39 Thomas Lemar
Monaco ➨ Arsenal
22/09 05:57 Pontus Dahlberg
IFK Göteborg ➨ FC København
Latest lineups
Latest Injuries
24/09 21:58 Alexandar Borkovic
Austria Wien II, Unknown
24/09 21:58 Lucas Venuto
Austria Wien, Unknown
24/09 21:58 Vesel Demaku
Austria Wien, Unknown
24/09 21:57 Heiko Westermann
Austria Wien, Unknown
24/09 21:57 Robert Almer
Austria Wien, Unknown
24/09 21:57 Alexander Grünwald
Austria Wien, Unknown
24/09 21:53 Dmytro Chygrynskiy
AEK Athen, Unknown
24/09 21:52 Vasilios Barkas
AEK Athen, Mid October 2017
24/09 21:52 Brito Rodrigo Galo
AEK Athen, Unknown
24/09 21:52 Vassilis Lambropoulos
AEK Athen, Back in training
Latest transfers
24/09 07:44 Marcos Llorente
Real Madrid (new contract)
22/09 16:20 Ihsan Sacko
Strasbourg (new contract)
22/09 12:01 John Fleck
Sheffield U. (new contract)
22/09 11:50 Conor Coady
Wolverhampton (new contract)
22/09 11:03 Denis Glushakov
Spartak Moskva (new contract)
22/09 11:02 Dmitri Kombarov
Spartak Moskva (new contract)
21/09 21:41 Geoffry Hairemans
Antwerpen (new contract)
21/09 16:00 Anders Lindegaard
Free agent ➨ Burnley
21/09 12:39 Conor Shaughnessy
Leeds (new contract)
21/09 10:54 Callum Guy
Derby County (new contract)

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