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Latest Injuries
14/07 06:29 Ragnar Sigurdsson
FC København, Late July 2020
14/07 06:27 John Fleck
Sheffield U., Doubtful
14/07 06:26 Andreas Bjelland
FC København, Mid July 2020
14/07 06:22 Kristian Dirks Riis
FC Midtjylland, Unknown
14/07 06:21 Tim Sparv
FC Midtjylland, Late July 2020
14/07 06:21 Jonathan dos Santos
LA Galaxy, Early September 2020
14/07 06:19 Danilo Acosta
LA Galaxy, Mid November 2020
14/07 06:16 Oliver Olsen
FC Midtjylland, Unknown
14/07 06:10 Robbie Robinson
Fehérvár FC, Late July 2020
14/07 06:08 Denso Ulysse
Haiti, Early August 2020
Latest transfers
14/07 06:05 Artem Dovbyk
FC Midtjylland ➨ Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk (from 01/08)
14/07 05:03 Milan Jevtovic
APOEL ➨ AGF (from 01/08)
14/07 03:47 Pablo Alcolea Guerrero
Free agent ➨ Fuenlabrada
13/07 15:06 Emiliano Mendez
Arsenal (new contract)
13/07 15:02 Jonathan Herrera
Deportivo Riestra ➨ San Lorenzo
13/07 15:00 Franco Sbuttoni
Atlético Tucumán ➨ Central Córdoba
13/07 12:42 Salim Kouider-Aïssa
Queen's Park ➨ Livingston

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